Artificial Topiary Boxwood Hedges, Newcastle Airport

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It is essential to use inherently flame retardant (IFR) materials when installing in public spaces. plantART Bespoke offers a range of fire resistant topiary plants. These custom made faux boxwood hedges can be manufactured in any shape or size to fit the client’s specification. Also conforming with fire regulations are the fibre glass GRP containers which are also made to order in any size, shape or colour and with a matt or gloss finish. 

For the Eagle Bar at Newcastle International Airport plantART Bespoke manufactured and installed inherently fire resistant artificial buxus hedges in made to order fiberglass troughs. These are used to cordon off the seating area within the airport terminal. The lightweight sections can easily be moved. 

PlantART Bespoke make faux boxwood hedges to order to suit clients’ requirements for either exterior or interior uses. For the production of fake boxwood hedges and topiary required for outdoor use plantART Bespoke uses UV-stable materials to reduce the effect of discolouration resulting from exposure to direct sunlight.

plantART Bespoke has carried out many installations in airports and public spaces and are experienced in dealing with the special requirements and logistics involved in such projects. - Buy online