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For the nationwide gym chain Fitness First UK, plantART Bespoke supplied a range of artificial topiary buxus balls, buxus pyramids and buxus trees in customised fibre glass containers to improve and unify the first appearance at the entrances to the gyms. 

Artificial topiary shapes make interesting features to endorse brands. plantART Bespoke design and make to order various natural and oversized faux boxwood topiary figures in all shapes: letters, numbers, company logos, animals etc. 

plantART Bespoke has fantastic range of zero maintenance faux boxwood plants and artificial topiary trees to decorate your premises all year round. There is no need to remember watering the plants and no replacement costs when they die. 

There is a huge selection of fake topiary on the market but the difference in quality is huge. Premium quality topiary: you know when you have a very good life-like fake plant or tree when you see people stopping in passing and out of curiosity gingerly touching it… We have even had people water them!

This range of faux topiary are traditionally outdoor plants and often seen on patios, terraces, balconies, courtyards, windowsills, in front of entrances and many other locations that people find to place them. plantART Bespoke has UV stable buxus material that will minimise the effect of direct sunlight. 

On the other hand, for indoor artificial topiary hedging plantArt bespoke offers inherently flame resistant (IFR) faux boxwood hedging. - Buy online