Fake Topiary Hedges

Creating an outdoor area for bars and restaurants, especially in a traditional townhouse setting is easily created by adding pristine, lush green topiary boxwood hedging. It immediately gives the building and surroundings a facelift and fresh look  and acts as a wonderful enclosure for pub or bar goers. Here, at Spy Bar in Newcastle-upon-Tyne plantART bespoke supplied made-to-measure faux topiary buxus hedging straight secured to the paved ground and beautifully complimenting the black metal railings already in place. 

Topiary hedging is ideal to transform the appearance of courtyards, terraces or gardens. It is easy to maintain and a practical solution for hiding unsightly sights or to cordon off exterior spaces.  

Traditional topiary planting has been a prominent feature of English gardens for centuries. This horticultural art of modelling plants and trees into artistic shapes is still popular today and faux boxwood can be a fantastic, low-maintenance alternative for outdoor patios of hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars. 

plantART bespoke has a fine collection of wonderful and extremely realistic artificial topiary trees. plantART bespoke also hand build faux boxwood topiary hedges to client’s specifications. The product range includes artificial buxus that is UV stable to prevent fading in sunlight and inherently flame retardant (IFR). 

Providing a perfect fit, plantART bespoke will take into consideration the client’s individual location and setting and create a made-to-measure artificial outdoor topiary display, including the design with a choice of custom-made containers, delivery or on-site installation. 


plantART bespoke will always source high-quality materials in the production of faux boxwood topiary to ensure maximum longevity of their products. 

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