Artificial Green Maple Tree, London

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The contemporary style of this lime green restaurant interior in London was perfectly matched with a faux maple tree as a central feature and exposed natural vines as an intriguing, picture-like wall decoration.

Faux trees are often a feature of restaurants. However, this bespoke tree features a subtle difference. It is an artificial acer with artificial green maple foliage and a multiple trunk design with an exposed root base. The design is an eye-catcher with the tree’s foliage reaching right up to the ceiling of the restaurant. 

Driftwood and natural, kiln dried vines are beautiful “objects d’art” in their untouched state. Like watching fire or waves, they are infinitely beautiful in their varying textures and shapes. Unsurprisingly they make popular and eye-catching wall decorations or interior accessories. 

Vines are natural, one-off products. They are mesmerising - whether the vines are growing up trees or trailing along walls and ceilings. They are perfect as decoration for void spaces and can act as a visual connection spreading over numerous floors or galleries. They provide fantastic plays of light and shadow and texture. They can, of course also be paired with LED lights. 

plantART bespoke ensure that all materials, especially the vines are flame resistant and conform with local fire authority standards. - Buy online