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In 2011 plantART bespoke had the opportunity to supply not only the set of the Big Brother house with artificial planting but also decorate the Media Area with a variety of planting. Large artificial outdoor palm trees and tall artificial bamboo trees were dotted along the pathways and between the trailers for the media. They greatly improved the ambience and feel-good-atmosphere of the surroundings. 

Large artificial bamboo trees and giant artificial palm trees are available in sizes up to 15 m high and are available both for indoor and outdoor use. plantART bespoke specialises in providing interior artificial bamboo into a wide range of commercial settings such as atriums, shopping malls or airport terminals, aquatic centres, cinema foyers, large halls etc. Tall artificial bamboo trees and artificial palm trees are usually made to suit customers’ requirements regarding height, style and variety.

“Free standing” large artificial bamboo or palm trees are imposing and majestic features.


Large artificial bamboo, palms and trees, as with large fresh trees can be displayed in a extensive range of containers, set into decorative raised planters or planted into sunken beds. 

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