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For an bar and club in Kirkcaldy that was successfully transformed into Society Café Bar, a contemporary bar and nightclub, plantART Bespoke provided the planting as finishing touches. 


Tall ceilings can be daunting so placing a tall artificial tree, in this case a faux artificial ficus tree, as a central focal point into a large space can enhance the atmosphere while taking the edge of the space’s loftiness. 


Similarly, bleak walls can be transformed by adorning them with a tree. Here, a beautiful, large artificial cherry blossom tree with overhanging branches was set in the corner of the bar with the lighting effects perfectly complementing the pink blossom. 

Tall, natural artificial bamboo trees add a contemporary and exotic splash to any interior space. Set in pots they can be moved and are a cost-effective and low-maintenance planting solution. - Buy online