Botanica, Carlisle

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Recreating a tropical rainforest with artificial jungle vines, fabricated trees and faux tropical plants can be magical in a nightclub setting. 

For the Botanica nightclub in Carlisle plantART Bespoke designed such a magical experience. The nightclub’s dance floor features four tall, unsightly RSJ columns. These were in-cased with large fake tree trunks. These were specially designed and hand-made, then split in two parts and re-fitted with purpose-made internal clamps securing the trunks in place. The seams were retouched and repainted to perfectly blend in. The canopies of the four large tree trunks were joined to cover the entire ceiling of the dance floor - one vast profusion of mixed foliage camouflaging the unsightly ceiling and instead creating a magical outdoor experience inside. 

plantART Bespoke moulds and hand-paints their very realistic tree bark from natural trees to recreate the natural effect with man-made synthetic material. In this case, the tree trunk was moulded from an ancient ash tree featuring its gnarly characteristic. 

The structure of these custom-made tree trunks needs to be strong as they are cornering the dance floor of a busy nightclub. Furthermore all materials used are IFR (inherently flame retardant) to meet strict fire regulations. - Buy online