Enchanted Forests and Jungle Vines

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Over recent years artificial trees, tropical jungle landscapes and enchanted forests have become very popular features, especially in large urban areas.

The presence of greenery and trees is very relaxing and it promotes and encourages learning, wellbeing and adds a certain “wow” factor to any interior space.

plantART bespoke designs and hand-builds enchanted forests using a variety of exotic plants such as tropical trees, palms and jungle fines or local tree species including oak, ash, birch, apple and cherry blossom. The visual effect can be heightened by using LED lighting, flowers and other features all depending on each client’s design brief.

In the past plantART bespoke has transformed school libraries, retirement homes, spas, leisure centres, restaurants, nightclubs and theatre stages into magical, enchanted, fun-filled places. Taking into consideration each client’s setting we will design, manufacture and install these magical forests.

plantART bespoke’s large indoor artificial tree designs are manufactured using “Firesilx” fire retardant leaves and foliage. This is an essential and international requirement when fitting faux trees into public spaces.


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