For Lóuie Brown’s Bar at Dalgety Bay, plantART Bespoke created a design that included silver birch trees, faux olive trees and decorative artificial blossom trees. The plant arrangement perfectly compliments the bar’s light, attractive, continental-style décor and adds the finishing touch.

Silk flower arrangements are always an eye catcher and always create a special atmosphere. The artificial flower branches look extremely natural and are available in shades of pink and white. 

Artificial olive trees are a favourite used in many hotels, shopping centres, restaurants where a touch of grandeur may be required. Their characteristic silvery green, slender and elongated leaves and gnarly trunks make for an appealing and sophisticated faux tree.

Silver birch trees work incredibly well in contemporary décors. They are available in various girths, bark textures and length. All of plantART Bespoke’s natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. Subsequently, they are cleaned prior to kiln drying. The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi that may have been present in these natural products. It also conforms with the phytosanitary requirements of the forestry commission and DEFRA. - Buy online