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Sunday 28th February 2016Large Artificial Olive Tree

plantART bespoke recently received a special commission to build off plan a large artificial olive tree 4.5m high with a symmetrical canopy spreading almost 4m wide, along with a floor to lowest branches clearance of 1.9m. A fake olive tree, set and secured by a heavy duty fabricated steel base support plate and destined for a restaurant in Ontario, Canada.

The tree was hand built using natural tree trunks and branches which were UK sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. The high temperature kiln drying and heat treatment process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities may require, especially countries outside the European Union.


The pictures show how fortunate we were to find a superb feature, gnarly trunk, that which nicely replicates, and is something similar to, a real olive tree as one would find in native Mediterranean lands.




To continue the similitude in maximising the likeness our large faux olive tree benefited form grafting in additional thick lower branches.


Artificial inherently fire retardant leaves which complete the foliage canopy were fitted to the branches. In all ninety two thousand fake leaves were used, plus very lifelike fruits.



Obviously a large artificial tree this size to be shipped around the World will need to be broken down into component parts; and, as can be seen from the pictures the branches detach from the tree trunk.


Delivery - trees arrive in component parts, which are quick and easy to assemble on site - instructions are provided. The branches are numbered and correspond to the respective recesses/holes in the trunk; thereby making each big fake tree which plantART make easy and quick to assemble.





plantART bespoke provide fabricated strong lightweight steel shipping crates which protect the artificial tree and helps reduce potential damage that may occur during shipping. Avoiding the use of wooden pallets avoids possible issues when exporting.





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