Artificial Cherry Blossom Vine Trees - Newcastle

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In this boutique underground nightclub in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne where Old Saigon meets Victorian Gothic, plantART Bespoke decorated the beautifully exposed brick walls and archways with natural vines.

Using plantART Bespoke’s comprehensive experience of working with this fascinating natural product for over 20 years, the jungle vines perfectly complement and enhance Madame Koo’s Far Eastern design. The vines are decorated sparingly with white silk apple blossom and are railing across the walls and archways of this stylish basement bar and nightclub in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

Vines are natural and unique products that are mesmerising, whether the vines are growing up trees or trailing along walls and ceilings. They can fill void spaces or act as a visual connection when spreading over numerous floors or galleries. They provide fantastic plays of light and shadow and texture. They can, of course also be paired with LED lights to create wonderful light accessories. 

plantART Bespoke either install them in their natural, bare form or decorate them with foliage: artificial wisteria, artificial cherry blossom, artificial bougainvillea. A wide variety and colours are available. We also ensure that all materials, especially the vines are flame resistant and conform with local fire authority standards. - Buy online