Artificial Tropical Rainforest - School Library Hastings

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Reading can take children off into a world of imagination and adventure. And how better to encourage them, than by creating a stimulating and enchanting environment to read in.

Over the years, plantART Bespoke has helped refurbish many libraries, including school libraries. For this school in Hastings nature was brought inside by creating a rainforest and the exotic environment certainly provided a “wow-factor” for the children. An exotic environment with artificial jungle vines, faux tropical trees and artificial palms now makes reading a lot more fun at school. 

Needless to say that as an imperative requirement when installing artificial trees in public spaces, the artificial foliage are inherently flame retardant (IFR).


plantART bespoke always make every effort to ensure customers get the best from our trees; ensuring they are presented to exploit their maximum potential, fit for purpose and affordable. Over recent years artificial trees, tropical jungle landscapes and enchanted forests have been popular within schools; especially in large urban areas. They find the presence of greenery and trees very relaxing and it  promotes and encourages learning. - Buy online