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A uniform and recognisable visual appearance is paramount for any company operating on a national or international level. plantART Bespoke specialises in tailoring planting solutions as one-off projects but also on a large scale.

In line with a revamp and rebranding of many of Pizza Hut’s restaurants a simple contemporary planting scheme comprising artificial yuccas, artificial pandanus and various shapes of artificial topiary planting was created set into planters with grey pebble stones. 

The planting scheme was varied and adapted according to each individual site requirement thereby creating a coherent identity without looking too uniform. The scheme included bespoke timber troughs balancing out sloping surfaces, or fiberglass containers as well as the planting up of existing brick-built containers.

plantART Bespoke is uniquely specialised in providing the design and logistics to deliver such complex and large contracts within the set timeframe and budget. High-quality and longevity of our products, especially in such highly frequented locations, is paramount.


If you are looking to add or renew planting solutions in a chain of restaurants, bars, clubs or shops do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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