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Many of our clients switch to artificial plants where the location or practicability will not allow fresh planting. plantART Bespoke have a fantastic looking, high-quality range of outdoor artificial plants that save our clients the watering and maintenance costs throughout the year.

For the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Leeds plantART bespoke created a contemporary exterior planting scheme featuring spiky faux pandanus plants in high-gloss wooden troughs. The bright, contemporary planting style perfectly suited the exterior design of the hotel facade and made it look more appealing and welcoming. 

Long gone are the days of poorly produced outdoor plastic plants and significant progress in achieving an extremely life-like look have been made over the past decade. So, if you are looking for an outdoor artificial tree for patios, entrances or gardens for home or business use you will find it here.


plantART Bespoke offer a great choice of unusual, excellent quality outdoor artificial plants mainly of Mediterranean “origin” but also tropical outdoor artificial plants. Fake & Faux plants include artificial yuccas, artificial oriental grasses, artificial aloe, and artificial cactus etc. 


Artificial contemporary displays comprise realistic looking artificial plants including yuccas and pandanus. They are simple set into a modular GRP container, which are available in any size, shape, colour and with a matt or gloss finish. - Buy online