Outdoor artificial plants, Goodenough Club London

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Any building appears more attractive and appealing with a simple makeover with window boxes or hanging baskets. 

On this occasion, plantART bespoke supplied and installed artificial window boxes for the historic Georgian Townhouses of the Goodenough Club in London in one of Bloomsbury’s most attractive garden squares. With a mix of artificial red geraniums adding a splash of colour to the evergreen display of ivy and ferns and spiky pandanus adding a contemporary twist. 


Colourful window boxes, hanging baskets with traditional or contemporary displays are an all-time favourite and ideal for highlighting entrances, windowsills and prominent elevations of buildings.


Our handmade window boxes with artificial planting are made to order to perfectly fit any specific location. The greatest advantage of replica window boxes is that, once installed, there is no further maintenance required. 

Our high-quality durable range of UV-stable artificial flowering is ideal for outside use and will not fade or discolour. There is a great choice available including faux ivy, artificial geranium, artificial pansy, faux cyclamen or simply artificial topiary or boxwood hedging. 

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