Artificial Floating Blossom Trees - Raddison Blu, Derby

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Large fake blossom trees are a very decorative feature in any setting and plantART Bespoke offer a full range of artificial blossom trees in different shades of pink and white. 

For the reception, foyer and bar area of the Raddison Blu East Midlands International Airport Hotel, plantART Bespoke created two 8m long artificial pale pink cherry blossom trees. Unusually these trees were not installed upright but, instead, they were suspended from the ceiling horizontally with the foot of their trunks joined seemingly seamlessly and their canopies reaching out in both directions. 

These customised artificial trees with silk blossom flowers were displayed at a height of 6m above the reception, foyer and bar area. These slender trees, with sparingly applied blossoms, perfectly fit the contemporary, light glass roof space, adding a natural touch without being overwhelming. 

Faux cherry blossom trees are very effective visual accessories. The unusual blend of natural soft materials perfectly complements contemporary settings. If you wish to get away from the traditional potted plants as botanical accessories these certainly offer a fantastic alternative. 


Whatever the effect, plantART Bespoke can provide a solution: Horizontal artificial cherry blossom trees with light pink faux cherry blossom flowers? This concept can be adapted to shape and present customised realistic looking blossom trees in any setting. - Buy online