Artificial Ficus Trees - Glasgow Airport

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Along with artificial palms, artificial ficus trees are the most popular interior option and often are the customer’s first choice.


For a restaurant at Glasgow Airport plantART Bespoke constructed these tall customised artificial ficus trees using synthetic fibreglass trunks, natural branches and artificial ficus foliage to form the canopy of branches. The artificial leaves are inherently flame retardant (IFR), an imperative requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces. 


True-to-life leaf reproductions, texture, with variations in leaf size, colour and style all make for a very realistic faux ficus tree. Authentic natural kiln dried stems combined with entwined liana vines create fantastic stand-alone feature plants. Arranged with other sizes in this range and mixing green and variegated leaf makes for impressive large cluster displays, screening or “avenue” planting. Faux ficus trees are very economical trees and extremely good value. 


plantART Bespoke can produce large artificial ficus trees over 7 m high with various size and shape canopies. - Buy online