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The ideal solution for locations anywhere around the world where outdoor artificial palms can play a contributing role in making places outside more desirable appealing to the eye. 

plantART Bespoke make artificial outdoor palms up to 15 m high. These are by no means off-the-shelf products and during busy periods there could be up to 3 months lead-in time from order to installation. Each artificial exterior palm is individually made to the customer’s specification. 

For the accordingly named “Palm Drive” at Brighton Marina plantART Bespoke manufactured eight 5.5 m tall purpose-built outdoor artificial palms in 2013. Built onto a heavy internal galvanised structure, strong enough to resist all weather conditions. Being continuously subjected to sunlight the artificial palm fronds are covered with pvc-prevent leaves fraying and UV stable. The trunks are encased with faux palm husks, adding authentic character to these fabulous lifelike faux palm trees.

The internal supporting structure of plantART Bespoke’s faux outdoor palm trunks is a continuous steel construction for artificial palms up to 40 ft (12 m) tall. Transport in containers that fit these sizes has to be taken into consideration. 

Outdoor artificial palms can also be made in sections where transport, access and handling have their limitations: 10 m tall replica palms for exterior use can for instance be manufactured in 2 m sections making them easier to handle.

plantART Bespoke comes with the knowledge, experience and expertise in providing and installing outdoor artificial palms worldwide, making the process of seeking custom-made large faux external palms reassuringly simple. - Buy online