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Over the past years there has been a fascinating increase for the demand of natural decorative silver birch trunks, a versatile non-intrusive promotional aide used as a marketing accessory, at exhibitions, as window displays or to decorate showrooms, as office screens, dividers, stand alone clusters or wall dressing. 


As a central feature for the showroom of Rooms Outdoor in London plantART Bespoke produced a large, multi-trunk silver birch tree with natural birch trunks and faux birch foliage. The artificial silver birch tree cluster seemingly grows straight out of the floor and adds a natural, outdoor atmosphere to the interior design.


Silver birch trees work incredibly well in combination with traditional and contemporary décor all year around. The tree trunks are available in different girths, lengths and with varying bark textures. All of plantART Bespoke’s natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. They are then cleaned and kiln dried. The kiln drying process at high temperatures also kills off any potential indwelling insects or fungi and thereby conforms with the phytosanitary certification of the forestry commission and DEFRA. - Buy online