Artificial Floral Trees at LFW Mulberry

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London Fashion Week is one of the most prestigious events of the fashion world and in 2012 plantART bespoke was approached by McQueen, a London-based, internationally-renowned florist with the amazing opportunity of creating a truly magnificent customised design combining fresh floral arrangements with artificial silver birch trees for Mulberry presented at Claridge’s in London.


The end result was a magical, surreal fairy-tale setting for Mulberry’s spring/summer collection. Two wide arches created by two artificial birch trees each with a canopy of multi-coloured fresh flowers and suspended lizards was designed as a stage-set-like wall decoration at the start of the catwalk. 


plantART Bespoke is regularly making customised large artificial blossom trees and artificial floral trees with faux silk flowers that are very real looking but for this project the large synthetic silver birch trees were required to hold the considerably heavier weight of fresh flowers.


It was a true feat of engineering that had to defy the laws of gravity: For these large artificial silver birch trunks plantART Bespoke designed and manufactured a very strong, lightweight steel core in collaboration with an expert metalwork fabricator. 


plantART bespoke custom-built four 3.5 m tall steel trunks as two interlinking pairs with a combined spread of 7.5 m of hanging and overlapping branches per pair. The tree canopies were extended an additional 1.2 m forwards and downwards. The structures were actually half-trees as they had to be flat at the back. The steel core was then covered in moulded, realistic-looking, inherently flame-retardant synthetic birch bark. 


Now, the true ingenuity lay in the design of these semi-trees, as they had to be 100% self-supporting and could neither be attached to the floor nor the back wall to help carry the approximately 200 kg of fresh flowers attached to moist oasis blocks. 



What took four months of preparation was over in a flash: The whole beautiful display of fresh floral arrangements on artificial trunks to provide the stage setting for 15 minutes exposure to the world’s media attention had to be assembled and disassembled in a matter of hours. - Buy online