Large Artificial Preserved Palms, Hilton Newcastle Airport

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Combining the realistic look of palm trees with the advantage of not having to worry about the palm’s maintenance is an ideal solution. 

For the tall entrance lobby of the Hilton Hotel at Newcastle Airport plantART bespoke installed two preserved Washingtonia palm trees of over 4 metres in height. As an eye-catching and impressive welcoming plant in the entrance lobby of the hotel it works perfectly as a connecting links between the open gallery on the first floor and tones down the vast open space of the very high entrance hall.

Artificial palm trees are very popular household plants often found in our homes, hotels, public buildings and many other places since the Victorians.

Unfortunately fresh palms suffer from the effect of draught, cold air and extreme sunlight, especially when placed un-protected in conservatories and south facing windows.


plantART bespoke now has a wonderful range of artificial palms that allow clients to enjoy the splendour that palms can bring to any interior space. - Buy online